About Me

I am an artist whose work has an intensely historical, even biographical concept to it. I see the objects that I paint through the eyes of a 18th century artist and craftsman. My goal as an artist is to create every item with an historical past with an aged look and feel to it. I made a pouch for the Leonardo DeCaprio movie, The Revenant" as well as the pouch for Billie Bob Thornton (Davey Crockett) for the movie The Alamo, and also provided other props for this movie. Early American Life magazine thrice named me one of the top craftsmen in America for both my paintings and my leatherwork.. My pouches were rated for their quality workmanship, fidelity to period design and construction techniques by judges expert in museum-quality antiques and fine, high-end reproductions. My work has also been featured in videos, tv documentaries and numerous times in magazines and on their covers. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Old Pouch Friday: Inside of Pouch

This photo shows the inside of one of the my pouches. It allows you to see the removable pocket inside. A removable pocket is just an envelope of leather made to just slide inside the bellows of the pouch. This pocket would allow the owner of the pouch, if he had two rifles of different caliber or a rifle gun and a smooth bore, to change pockets for different gear. An ingenious invention that I saw on an old original pouch. The two smaller pockets on each side of the inner back of the pouch are used for tools or flints.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Old Pouch Friday: Beavertail Pouch

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This pouch features an actual beaver tail, split open and tanned to make a flap, the flap is decorated with brass harness sports. It represents a pouch that was made during the "Golden Age", 1800 to 1840. Years that produced some of the finest examples of the pouch makers trade. This pouch is Circa 1815 - 1835.   This pouch would have been used in the Rocky mountains by a beaver man, a trapper, who would have brought his beaver pelts to trade for supplies at the Rendezvous.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Personal Pouch

I've owned several pouches over the years that I personally used. This pouch is the one that I carried the longest. As usually I eventually let someone talk me out of it. Presently I do not have a personal pouch.
It was made of fustian ( a fabric made with a cotton welt and a linen warp.) It  had a deerskin flap. The size of the pouch is approx. 7" x 11". It has a woven strap and a button closure.  It has a nice patina and a linen patch on the lower left corner.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Old Pouch Friday: Rev War Pouch

This pouch is the transition from the Revolutionary War cartridge box to the hunting pouch that was carried for so many years after. This is a nice transitional pouch that fills in the evolutionary gap in the history of the American hunting pouch.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Old pouch Friday: Masonic Pouch

Here is an 1820-1840's Masonic Pouch. The square and compass are featured on the flap. The inset square is a blue velvet material and the compass is leather and brass. THe flap is kept cloed with a small leather loop and an original tin button.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Folk Art Pouch With Paneled Front

Here is a nice Folk Art pouch with a paneled front. the front of the bellows has four panels in it as well as the short fringe welting. A really nice Pennsylvania Dutch tulip graces the flap. Aged to perfection.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Old Pouch Friday: KIdney Shaped Pouch/Horse Hair

This kidney shaped pouch is made of cowhide and has horse hide with hair on at the top of the frnt flap as well as on the decorative florets on the face of the flap. The game rings attached to the thin straps at the side of the pouch allow easy carry of small game. 
Circa 1820-1835.