About Me

I am an artist whose work has an intensely historical, even biographical concept to it. I see the objects that I paint through the eyes of a 18th century artist and craftsman. My goal as an artist is to create every item with an historical past with an aged look and feel to it. I made a pouch for the Leonardo DeCaprio movie, The Revenant" as well as the pouch for Billie Bob Thornton (Davey Crockett) for the movie The Alamo, and also provided other props for this movie. Early American Life magazine thrice named me one of the top craftsmen in America for both my paintings and my leatherwork.. My pouches were rated for their quality workmanship, fidelity to period design and construction techniques by judges expert in museum-quality antiques and fine, high-end reproductions. My work has also been featured in videos, tv documentaries and numerous times in magazines and on their covers. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crockett Pouch for the Movie, "The Alamo'

I had the great privilege of providing several prop items for the movie "The Alamo," starring Billie Bob Thornton and Dennis Quiad, among others. I made the hunting pouch that Davey Crockett (Thornton) wore in the movie. Actually I made three of them in case one became damaged. I also provided ink wells, writing journals, pens, pencils and pencil boxes.  Below is a close-up of the pouch.